FINHACKS Sponsored by Cisco & TD Launches

Posted on October 20, 2016

Today's FinTech space offers endless opportunities to explore new capabilities and emerging technologies to enhance customer interactions and experiences. Global investment in the financial sector and FinTech startups is increasing at an exponential rate. In an Accenture report, global FinTech investment grew 75% in 2015 to over $22 billion. Banks are also investing heavily in new technologies and means of adapting their services to meet the needs of customers in today’s increasingly inter-connected and digital world. It’s a rapidly evolving and exciting industry to be in.

As a post-secondary student, becoming increasingly financially independent, you arenot only at the forefront of experiencing these new ways of interacting with your financial institution, but also helping drive that change. Your input provides valuable insight into where you'd like to see the next wave of financial technology headed.

We want to know, as the objects that make up our lives become increasing connected – how do the Internet of Things and FinTech impact each other? What innovation will come out from their merging? What can they can the two industries learn from each other?

Join FINHACKS and tell us!

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